How it works - Zinc Inhouse

How it works?

Getting paid on your outstanding invoices has never been easier; you are four simple steps away from making a positive move to being paid for your goods or services:

Step One

Click on the “Take Action Now” button. Here you will be able to either sign in or you will create a new account. It’s free to use and only takes a few moments. Once completed we will email you with your log-in credentials.

Step Two

Log into your new or existing account. Now you will be able to upload accounts which you need Zinc to take action on. You can either do this by uploading a single invoice via the “One Time Invoice” upload button, or you can send us multiple accounts via our spreadsheet which you can download by clicking this link: Invoice Template and then simply upload the completed spreadsheet via the “Multiple Accounts” upload button.

Step Three

Send your cases to us and select your preferred billing method. You can either pay a flat fee per invoice we work on, or if you prefer you can take our no-win no-fee option, meaning that you pay a percentage of the amount we recover on your behalf. Our pricing is based on the age of the overdue invoice from its due date to you. You can find our pricing HERE.

Finally click “Confirm” and we will send you a confirmation email and begin working on your accounts.

All fees in relation to no-win no-fee and will be net of our fee and flat-fee invoices will be raised within 7 days and payable within 14 days.